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There used to be an offline version of this page to avoid the spyware JavaScript code forcibly introduced by Wanadoo. As a result of the migration to a new server, this offline version is no longer maintained.

Texts in Spanish

I'm writing a series of articles (in Spanish) published in El Rincón del Programador; follow the menu link to the «Artículos» page, then select the «Columnas» section, and finally the «Informática Recreativa» column. One of them is translated into English, namely the article «Minesweeper and logical circuits».

You're also invited to visit Lola Cárdenas' personal page and Lola's blog: Uno por uno, uno; uno por uno, dos... (also in Spanish). One of the entries is written by me, namely this one: Poder exorcista contra espíritus y magia negra.


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