Elite/Frontier/First Encounters page

By now, I just keep here a small Frontier-like flight engine test:

As a test it is, it uses EGAVGA.BGI as the graphics driver. I know this sucks but it works...
UPDATE: Now I have a working Windows version available.

The Pascal source code is available. Just write me to the address at the bottom of the page if you want it.

Keys recognized: The following keys are recognized by the program, and are a subset of the ones used in Frontier: Elite II.

Known bugs: Movement at high time rates is inaccurate. That's a numerical precision problem.

NEW (2000 Aug 10): Added lock in Manual Control to stop deceleration at 0.00 until RShift key is released then pressed again, emulating the behaviour of Frontier.

NEW (2002 Apr 02): There is now a version which supports docking into and crashing with the space station, but it's not in this page yet. E-mail me if you want to see it; if I get enough requests I may consider putting it here.

Note (2002 Apr 02, renewed 2003 Ene 04): I have received only three requests for the source code during the lifetime of this page. Don't hesitate to ask for it, I don't bite!

Use this address to send me E-mail: parigalo@formauri.es.
NOTE: THIS ADDRESS IS NOT PERMANENT. Always verify this page to send me E-mail because it's likely to change often for spam reasons.

Any kind of suggestions are welcome.


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