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Currently this page contains just one file.

This is a changefile I prepared, intended to make a Delphi version of TeX, together with all the files needed to build an almost valid TeX program in Delphi:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's buggy but I haven't found the problem so far. Help finding it will be appreciated. The problem is: when using LaTeX2e, a font is missing when using \maketitle.
NOTE 2: I haven't run the TRIP test to this file yet, because I prefer to solve the problem first before running it.

If you intend to build it, you'll need a valid TANGLE program. Included is a changefile to obtain a valid TANGLE, and an already preprocessed TANGLE unit provided in case you can't find a TANGLE program, to avoid a chicken-and-the-egg situation. (Sorry if it looks ugly; TANGLE leaves Pascal programs that way.)

Note: Both TeX and TANGLE should be compiled as a console application.

Also included is the unit FILEDRV.PAS; this unit provides Unix-style file processing for Delphi so that ReadLn can be used on a text file with LF-terminated lines.

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